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David Melamed

David Melamed is the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Tenfold Traffic, a search and marketing agency with over $50 million of paid search experience. David has had a passion for marketing since he was a child, and over the past 10 years, he has built a successful career in SEO, PPC, and digital advertising. 

Before founding Tenfold Traffic, David oversaw marketing for companies such as Cayre Equities and He is currently the host of the Fixing Incentives Podcast, where he speaks with business leaders about the behavior that powered their growth.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • David Melamed talks about the power of Workflowy
  • Time-saving tools that you need to know
  • Some of the best Google Chrome extensions and plugins
  • Discovering new tools through integrations and backlinks
  • Ways to find alternative apps for a single purpose
  • The business apps that you need on your phone

In this episode…

For every aspect of business, there seem to be thousands of software platforms designed to make it easier. From time tracking to calendar management to data organizers and more, there is no shortage of options. The question then becomes how to pick from the sea of choices. It’s a more difficult prospect than it initially seems, as each promises to be the one-and-done solution. So how do you discover the best apps, and how do you know which ones to trust?

David Melamed has worked with hundreds of platforms across his long career. Over time, he discovered his favorites while leaving behind the ones that didn’t measure up. He has gone through the time-consuming process of sorting through them himself, so you don’t have to.

On this episode of the Fixing Incentives Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 returns to talk with David Melamed about the best software and how to find new ones. They go over the most useful programs and how they can simplify your workday. They then dive into helpful tips on discovering programs for yourself, including the use of backlinks and integration pages. The two even find time to talk about some undervalued apps that you might be missing. Stay tuned for more!

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This episode is brought to you by Tenfold Traffic.

The only projects I take on currently are performance-based relationships.

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If you are looking for a partner, I am your person, and if you are looking for a vendor, then there are several people I have vetted and can refer you to.

Visit to learn more or email me at david at tenfoldtraffic dot com.

Episode Transcript

Intro 0:00

Brian, welcome to the Fixing Incentives podcast where we talk about the incentives that drive success. Now, let’s get started with the show.

David Melamed 0:14

David Melamed here, I’m the host of Fixing Incentives podcast where I talked with top business leaders about their journey and the behavior that powered their growth. I have Dr. Jeremy Weisz here of Rise25, who has done thousands of interviews with successful entrepreneurs and CEOs. And we have flipped the script and he’ll be interviewing me.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz 0:32

David, I’m excited. I’m excited because I, you are a treasure trove of knowledge. When it comes to tools and software, we could be in a group setting, talking with 15 people, and someone will ask a question, and you will immediately be like, oh, here’s three rattle of three random software solutions of what they’re asking for someone was asking, I forgot how to bring in a script from something I didn’t even know what they’re asking, and you had three solutions for it. So I’m excited to hear your favorite tools and software. Before we get into that this episode is brought to you by Tenfold Traffic, we’ve talked about this before, if you listen to his podcast, he takes projects currently on a performance based relationship, which means all marketing would go through him on his own dime, he would negotiate a revenue share, he doesn’t want to take someone’s money unless he’s generating them return on that money. So I know that is what you’re focused on, you’re only going to take a couple companies a year to pour your heart and soul into so your ideal partner is someone who has converting funnel, they can handle scale, and they let you work your magic, so you can help dominate the market. So if you have questions, you can go to david at tenfold traffic, calm, email them or david melamed dot com. It’s David m e l a m e d dot com. So let’s talk about tools and software, what comes to mind of your favorites. Like, if these broke down, you would not be happy.

David Melamed 2:05

So my favorite tool, um, you know, it’s a little low tech. But it’s Google. I just wanted the benefits of working in, you know, search engine marketing for so long as you understand how, you know, the search engines, you know, understand pages, so you kind of get a little smarter about how you search for things. So I’m usually able to find, you know, tools, solutions, things like that, that other people might not be able to surface. So, I mean, Google’s by far my favorite tool. probably my least known, most useful tool I use is something called Workflowy, which is just this really smart, really intuitive list building tool, with all sorts of, you know, threaded layers, and you know, hashtags and things like that you can do really cool things with but you know, for at least someone like me, where, you know, my mind works kind of, it’s methodical, it’s pattern driven, but it’s also all over the place. So lists are really the best way for me to, you know, just stay on top of things and stay organized. So Workflowy that’s w o r k f l o w y dot com by far my favorite tool, based on what I would call, I think they call it the toothbrush test, which is what tool Do you use twice a day. That’s probably the number one thing there. I just discovered recently, I probably heard about it a few years ago, Boeing started using SaneBox. SaneBox is amazing. It’s helped me basically clear all the things that are distractions in my inbox away, and lets me address them when I need to address them and does all sorts of cool stuff. So I’m a very big fan of that tool. I assume I use every day.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz 3:57

Are there any other ones like Workflowy that are like little lesser known, but you use a lot of?

David Melamed 4:03

So this is lesser known, I’m surprised how many of you don’t know it. And by far, the most impactful tool I’ve ever needed to use, especially in an agency setting essentially lets you automate the majority of the reporting you’re doing by recording your mouse clicks in Excel. So it’s something called it’s called Power Query for Excel. It’s an add on, on if you want to advance beyond that. It’s you know, Power BI, which is a Microsoft BI tool similar to Tableau has this built in there but Power Query for Excel will essentially if let’s say you have to pull in three reports and run pivot tables and and you know, do an index match the match the data, maybe you’re trying to match CRM, customer sales to you know, ad spend or analytics or something. All you have to do is do it once with Power Query And it will record all the steps you take and show you this list, you could go back and edit them and change them, remove them, add them, and then just hit save. The next week, you need to run the same report, just download the same reports make sure the file name is exactly the same, saved in the same folder. So you’re basically writing over the old files, and then you just had, you open up one of the files, and you hit play in Power Query, and it will just run all the manipulations you did on that data on the prior week’s data this week. And it went, yeah, I have an analyst who showed it to me. If this was a report that I need to do for a client that was very customers taking about 10 hours a week to do, he distilled it down into about five to seven minutes a week, just with this one simple add on to excel. And like I was just talking to my sister the other day, she’s an Excel expert, like really deep reading, you know, Visual Basic code and macros all that stuff. And she didn’t know about Power Query in Excel. So by far, you know, it’s easy to learn. And it’s just amazing. That’s probably-

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David Melamed is the Founder of Tenfold Traffic, a search and content marketing agency with over $50,000,000 of paid search experience and battle tested results in content development, premium content promotion and distribution, Link Profile Analysis, Multinational/Multilingual PPC and SEO, and Direct Response Copywriting.

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