Come Hear Me Speak at Ungagged Conference 2014 In Las Vegas

If I ever had something to prove, (and needed to pull out all the stops and open up about my most closely held secrets and strategies,) it is now, at the superstar speaker conference called Ungagged, taking place November 15-17th in Las Vegas.

You see, the audience is a room full of black hat marketers. The types of folks that can run circles around the rest of the internet.

A room full of folks that would  be difficult to impress with anything short of strategies that cannot be found anywhere online or even figured out by the savviest of marketers.  In other words, the strategies that only I can conceive and execute on and would never want to open up about.

So, why am I opening up about them now? Well, that falls into place when you understand the underlying topic of my session. I will be speaking about how to land six figure consulting gigs from whales. The very same tactics I used to land consulting gigs from 4 different Billionaires, a successful Hollywood movie producer, and a large hedge fund. (Hint: It’s About Turning Them On to Your Way of Thinking…By Disclosing Your Sharpest Tactics.)

That’s right. The product I sell is an Unfair Advantage,  and there is only ONE chance for you to gain that advantage without spending a fortune on private consulting.

The best part is that there will be no recording devices at the event, so what happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas.

But wait, there’s more 🙂

I won’t just show you how to talk their language and land whales of clients, I will also disclose the best of the best strategies in my arsenal. Those sneaky strategies that I would never want my Mother to find out about.

My session is titled, “Bad Bosses; Good Money. How To Get The Bacon Out of A Pig!”

It is about all the crazy strategies I have worked over the years, and how I leverage my creativity to land six figure gigs working for billionaires and how you can land a whale of your own. Beware, the waters are choppy, and these sessions will not be recorded or live-blogged or covered in any fashion. You are either there, and you gain or you are not, and you miss out.

Truth be told though, even if I wasn’t speaking, I wouldn’t miss a conference with this speaker lineup. The most prominent black hat names all opening up about their strategies that they would never admit to publicly. Plus, lots of great white hat SEOs and other marketers, all with a point to prove…

That They Can Run With The Big Dogs. That They Can Impress The Savviest Marketers On The Planet.

Don’t take my word for it, head on over and check out the speaker list and agenda, and be sure to let them know you are my friend when you sign up. In fact, you can get the friends and family discount of 15% off if you use Davidsfriend as a coupon code.

Here’s a link to sign up.

I hope to see you there.

P.S. Part of the speaker agreement requires all speakers to mingle with the attendees throughout the conference, so if you ever wanted to meet me, or Shoemoney or Dave Snyder, or any of the amazing speakers lined up for this event…this is your chance.


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