How Facebook Grew To Billions of Users, and What You Can To Do To Achieve Massive Growth

This brilliant video from Chamath Palihapitiya about his experiences scaling Facebook from 30 million users to 1 billion users.

His main advice is focus on building a great product, and growth comes afterwards.

His formula for Growth Hacking is…

1. How Do You Get People In The Front Door.

2. How Do You Get Them To an Aha Moment As Quickly As Possible.

3. How Do You Deliver Core Product Value As Often As Possible.

After you focus aggressively on those three things you can incorporate growth tactics.

He attributes most of their success to invalidating lore, and forcing people with anecdotal insights to prove their theories.

Focus on Understanding what people are here to do. Do you really know what you are building and why?

Bottom Line, focus on shipping the best product and testing as much as possible and most importantly… Ignore Lore and Force People To Prove Their Theories…


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