The Funniest Product Reviews on Amazon and Is Your Content Going To Waste?


My favorite product review is for Tuscan Milk…


“Has anyone else tried pouring this stuff over dry cereal? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!”


Probably one of the biggest missed opportunities for businesses is great content being wasted away in the archives. Great content can be recycled into all sorts of media formats, and curated blog posts.

Amazon simply took a list of their funniest product reviews and published it into a great piece of link bait to attract shares and links.

In fact, I found it when it went viral tonight on Hacker News, and now you found it on my blog. This is content Amazon never paid for, they simply took the time to curate excellent content their users generated.

If you want to leverage the same opportunities, you should first take stock of all the content you have at your disposal. You will be surprised how valuable that content could be.

Don’t Make The Mistake of Letting Your Great Content Die Right After Publishing It. Good Content Lasts Forever, and Can Be Exploited For a Long Long Time!

Here is the link to the funniest amazon reviews.


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