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There is only one way to make sure you hire the right SEM management company, and that's by understanding how much of their fees are profit or spent on actually servicing your account. This guide breaks down the different types of agencies and consultants and shows you how to figure out the best option for your specific and unique needs.

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Confessions of a PPC Marketer

This short guide will reveal everything you need to know about hiring a PPC Management Company, including the inside secrets they don't want you to know.

David Melamed is one of the few PPC management experts that has worked client side, agency side, as a consultant, and running SEM for his own E-Commerce company. This gives him the unique frame of reference that goes beyond the $15,000,000 he has profitablly managed, and allows him to appreciate the unique needs and concerns of both clients and vendors. This unique experience leads to a rare clarity about the role search engine advertising plays in the bigger picture, and how you should evaluate an agency for your own SEM needs.


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