How To Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing Approach With Duncan Alney of Firebelly Marketing

Firebelly Marketing, to talk about social media marketing best practices. Together they discuss how to produce relevant content and share stories of marketing do’s and don’ts. Plus, Duncan provides tips for engaging with your followers and building a strong, stand-out brand. Stay tuned! 

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Tools You Cannot Live Without With David Melamed of Tenfold Traffic

On this episode of the Fixing Incentives Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 returns to talk with David Melamed about the best software and how to find new ones. They go over the most useful programs and how they can simplify your workday. They then dive into helpful tips on discovering programs for yourself, including the use of backlinks and integration pages. The two even find time to talk about some undervalued apps that you might be missing. Stay tuned for more!

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How to Systematize and Simplify Your Business With Adi Klevit of Business Success Consulting Group

David Melamed hosts Adi Klevit, the Co-founder of the Business Success Consulting Group, to hear how she helps businesses systematize. They go over the common mistakes, what Adi looks for in each company, and how she adapts her methodology for each client. They also cover Adi’s career and the valuable lessons she’s learned from her own mistakes. Stay tuned!

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The Dumbest Marketing Mistake I Ever Made with David Melamed of Tenfold Traffic

In this third and final interview, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with David Melamed, the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Tenfold Traffic, to find out how he listens to customers. David tells the story of his dumbest marketing mistake and how he grew as a marketer. They also discuss and dive into customer research, copywriting, customer desires, and how to capitalize on niche markets. Find out about all this and more on this episode of the Fixing Incentives podcast.

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How Losing 15K on a Campaign Led to a Million Dollar Outcome with David Melamed of Tenfold Traffic

Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 interviews David Melamed, the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Tenfold Traffic, to hear how he turned a $15,000 loss into a million-dollar return. They break down the story and the risks David took to make his plan work. Then, they discuss the lessons and helpful advice David took away from the experience, including how to run a successful ad campaign. Stay tuned to hear the complete story on this episode of the Fixing Incentives podcast.

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I Fell For a $300,000 SEO Scam with David Melamed of Tenfold Traffic

On this debut episode of the Fixing Incentives Podcast, host David Melamed, the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tenfold Traffic, is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the Co-founder of Rise25. David recounts how he lost $300,000 on a failed SEO strategy and the important lessons he learned from the experience. He also shares some of his expert SEO advice and recommendations. You won’t want to miss this exciting episode!

How to Squeeze More ROI Out of Ads By Using the Best Credit Cards for Advertising

ROI or ROAS is the name of the game in advertising. How much did you invest and what was the return on your ad spend or the return on your investment. Often times, there are campaigns, ads, targeting segments or opportunities that are borderline profitable. If you could only squeeze a few extra dollars out […]

How The Google Game is Changing For Good

In 2008, an SEO vendor claimed that he saw a big brand hand a check to Google in exchange for high organic rankings. I no longer believe him. Google insists that there is no connection between the paid and organic teams and that it’s not possible to buy organic rankings directly. Still, I get asked […]

How Hillel Fuld Earned The Trust Of The Worlds Most Successful Startups

To Give or Not To Live, That Is The Question! At least that’s the question Hillel Fuld asks himself every morning. Ok, maybe he doesn’t literally ask it, but all one needs to do is look back at his day, and it is clear he starts it with a mission of selflessness and living for […]

How A Small Pizza Shop Crushed Their Competitors In The Yellow Pages Without Fancy Competitive Analysis

An inspiring tale of a small neighborhood pizza place that took on The goliath brand Domino’s and their gigantic ad in the Yellow Pages that was sucking their customer base dry. Let’s be honest, every customer we find, every sale we make, and every dollar we earn is taking bread off someone’s table. Money Moves, […]