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I love reading. I love learning. I love sharing myself, my time, and my knowledge.

I want to connect with others who love learning new things, love reading fresh ideas and love sharing what they know.

I have a pretty nice sized library of business and marketing books that have truly inspired me. Many are only relevant to specific people with specific interests.

For example, I met a very interesting fellow today at Authority Intensive 2014 who is a management consultant for hotels and the hospitality industry. Conrad Hilton’s book, “Be My Guest” is the perfect book for him to read. Here is my biggest takeaway from the brilliant journey of Conrad Hilton.

Instead of just telling him to buy the book, I want to send him a free copy.

Do you love reading? Do you love learning new things? Do you love sharing what you know with others?

If So, drop me a line at david (at) davidmelamed dot com, and lets chat for five minutes, and I will come up with¬†¬† a personalized recommendation of a book that will help you immediately with your goals, tasks and business at hand…

AND SEND IT TO YOU FOR FREE! No Gimmicks, No Catch, Just a genuine interest in learning new things, and a blog, website, or other indication online that you share your knowledge with others. (it could be paid content that you wrote, I just want to see that we are on the same page.) Well, there is one tiny catch. After you read the book, please share it with someone else who would benefit from it.


David Melamed

Is there a great business book you recommend I read? Just leave a note in the comments.

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