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Why I Started Doing Webinars and Why You Should Too

I recently decided to go exploring and started offering webinars for a very weird reason. Webinars are my hack for recording a screencast of my work. One of the main reasons webinars are such a popular marketing strategy is that event based marketing forces urgency to act and eliminates procrastination, which is the enemy of […]

Affiliate Marketers Are Suckers

“Doesn’t it make you feel dirty?” she sneered. I was at the tail end of a grueling all day interview at a top ad agency for a director of paid search position. I was sitting with the Head of Demand Generation, a fancy title which means,” I learned marketing in college, not from the streets.” […]

Learn How To Get Quick SEO Results [Free Webinar]

I ran a pretty awesome webinar today about PPC and I discovered that I can pretty much let you look over my shoulder as I work my magic. So, moving forward, I will be hosting webinars where I will show you step by step how I achieve great results for my clients. I hope to […]

Free Resources From My PPC Webinar

I had a great webinar earlier today where I showed my process for optimizing paid search campaigns, and eliminating wasteful spending. I don’t know yet when my next webinar will be or if I will give you access to the video recording of it, please leave a comment below if you are interested in me […]

Are You Spending Too Much on Your PPC Bids? The Big Myth PPC Management Companies Don’t Want You To Know!

I made a big mistake this week. Luckily I caught it today and managed to fix it. I was optimizing a clients campaigns and noticed one keyword was producing conversions at a much higher rate than any other keywords. So, I decided to double the bid on that keyword to make sure I max out […]

What Jerry Seinfeld Can Teach You About Generating Creative Content and Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

I once read that Jerry Seinfeld writes a new joke every single day. He has a big calendar to record whether he wrote a new joke that day or not. While I can’t verify if he still does this since Jerry stopped returning my calls after the Noodle Incident. Regardless, the lesson is the same, […]