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Just Get Started Creating Content – The Future Will Pay You Back Tenfold

About a year or so ago I read an article from an almost famous marketer and business consultant, where he bashed Dan Kennedy for recycling old content and selling it for a pretty penny. He felt it was wrong. At the time, I was seriously considering buying that same course for a few grand. At […]

How To Turn Mark Cuban Into A Passionate Fan of Your Blog With One Simple New Years Resolution

I was at a comedy show a while back, and the comedian got up and said he likes¬† new years resolutions ideas that are realistic and easy to accomplish. So, he commits to something small, like losing 10 pounds. The great part about these smaller commitments¬† is that he could wait til Mid-October to get […]

Are You Making The Three Biggest Mistakes Content Marketers Make and Why 2014 Is The Perfect Year To Finally Start a Blog.

I still remember the first blog I started. It was back in 2003. That blog lasted about three weeks. In 2006 my friends encouraged me to start blogging again, and I had a pretty successful blog for almost four years. It seems like blogging is almost obsolete. Despite being an SEO for the better part […]

The Ultimate Toolkit For Spying On Your Competitors

Every year I plan on writing a few books, and my new years resolution for 2014 is to publish 3 books. While this isn’t my first ebook I ever wrote, it is the first one I am comfortable selling and promoting. I hope to add more and more content to this, and eventually turn it […]

The Good Old Get Rich Quick Internet Days Are Back. Here’s The 2014 Guide For Cashing In

There was time not too long ago when cashing in on search engine traffic and the internet in general were open season. Anyone could rank with little effort, and the opportunities to cash in were endless. It seemed like anyone could pick a niche, launch an adsense site with some decent content and pull in […]

Is Your Company Ready For The Next Ten Years?

I still remember the day I decided to master traffic generation and online marketing. To be fair I was a very early internet user, logging onto BBS’s and racking up my parents long distance phone bills on my 386 dx2 computer and ridiculously slow modem. I was still in elementary school, and I feel very […]

Revealed: Nine Hidden Gems of The SEO and Content Marketing Worlds

I still remember that day that I had an epiphany so obvious, but so true it changed my life. This insight that has guided me well all of these years. The unbelievably important concept that… “Most problems and challenges are not unique to one person. Odds are, If you are facing a challenge, task or […]