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How To Write Sticky Slogans You Can’t Help But Remember

“Kids, get in the car, we are going to the Ice Cream shop.” Dad proclaimed to his smiling family. Little did they know that they were on the way to the dentist. This car commercial was probably very funny, but I can’ t remember it because I was barely six years old. More importantly though, […]

How To Build Your Online Reputation In Social Media to Grow Your Business. Part 1

“Don’t Take This Personally, But People Simply Do Not Care About Your Company. What They Care About Is Themselves. And If You Can Talk To Them About Themselves, You’ll Have Their Full Attention.” – Jay Conrad Levinson As you can imagine, building my reputation online is on my mind, and it hopefully is on yours […]

Is Your Website Accidentally Telling Google To Delete You From Their Search Results? It Happened To Craigslist; It Might Be Happening To You.

Is your website telling Google to ignore you? It might be if you make changes to your website without consulting a Technical SEO expert. You see, beyond the wonderful world of optimizing content and attracting links, there is a hidden layer called software. That’s right, very complex code is what makes search engines and your […]

Twitter Advertising Releases Powerful Targeting Tools For Small Businesses

Twitter rolled out their advanced advertising interface to small businesses today. Enabling advertisers to target by device, gender, and similar audiences. In a post about New Powerful Advertising Tools on Twitter’s advertising blog they explain in more detail. Our self-service advertisers can now target interests in two specific ways. First, they can target users with the […]

Are You Ready For Big Google Updates To Panda and Penguin?

If you haven’t been cleaning up your link profile and focused your efforts on creating high quality content, high engagement sites, a great user experience, and of course attracting natural links, you might be in trouble. Matt Cutts announced by SMX West that Google has significant updates in the works for Penguin, as well as […]

Will Sync With Twitter Enable You To Buy Products Placed In TV Shows As You Watch?

Last Month Twitter and Amex announced Amex Sync With Twitter, which lets you connect your Amex Card with your twitter account, and buy thinks by tweeting special hashtags. Twitters hope with this is to bring an additional revenue stream to their business. I think it could become so much more. You can already grab great […]

How I Got Featured on The Wall Street Journal, and Entertainment Weekly, Reaching Over Four Million People For Just a Few Pennies

Have you ever noticed when you scroll towards the bottom of your favorite news or entertainment website there is a section called, “From Around The Web” that showcases several curated stories? Well, those are advertisements typically placed by the content promotion advertising network .   This is a great example of Native Advertising. What […]