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The Single Most Valuable Marketing Tactic In The World

Some businesses find customers to make sales. Smart businesses make sales to find customers. Most marketers focus on finding new customers, when they can probably make much more money increasing their average ticket and finding ways to maximize the value of each customer. I personally wont work with a company that doesn’t focus on maximizing […]

Will Google Adwords Offer Extensions Be The New Groupon Killer?

Google has been rolling out some pretty big features in Adwords over the last week or so. They quietly rolled out Google Offers, available to accounts that upgraded to Enhanced campaigns, enabling advertisers to run their own deals, much like a Groupon Deal and track its effectiveness right in their adwords account.       […]

Why Lazaro Arbos Will Win American Idol, and How His Story Can Transform Your Business

“Out Of Every Adversity Is a Seed For an Equal or Greater Opportunity!” I Don’t know who coined that saying, but it is a bedrock for finding the opportunity in every situation. There is opportunity everywhere you look, but many times your very adversity or challenge is in fact your greatest strength. This year on American […]

Are You Losing Customers Between Devices? Multi-Screen Marketing Is The Next Big Thing

It’s 2013, like most marketers, you probably already have a mobile and tablet marketing plan in place. You probably at least have a mobile website, if not a responsive design. Unfortunately, that is just not enough in today’s age. Google did a study that revealed 67% of consumers start shopping on a mobile phone and […]

Marketing Just Got Smarter and So Can You With Enhanced Campaigns For Adwords

[kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main size=”32″ color=”#C00″ ]One Small Step For Advertisers, One Huge Leap For Conversion Rates…[/kc_heading_pac_3_headline_main] The holy grail of all marketing and advertising is scaling one on one communication. The facts on the ground though are that each and every consumer is slightly different, and as much as we have been able to personalize advertising so […]

How To Pick The Best Marketing Consultant and KNOW He Will Deliver on His Promises

One of the biggest obstacles you need to overcome before hiring a marketer, or for that matter making any purchase decision is figuring out how to know if something works without trying it. That’s one of the big problems with claiming you are the best in your marketing, while this might be what your customers […]