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Under The Hood of The Google Machine: Look What It Takes To Run A Search Engine

CBS went inside a North Carolina Google Data Center with Cameras, and it’s truly fascinating what goes on under the hood when you search in google. As a Search Engine Marketer, i am constantly fascinated by the hundreds of variables that affect search rankings, and blown away by the amount of data google must not […]

Exterminator Marketing Done Right and How to Drive Referrals

My Wife hired an exterminator today to get rid of some scary bugs hanging around our garage. She found him by calling a neighborhood friend to ask for a recommendation. She could have just as easily called Terminix, or one of the other big brands, or simply ran a local search in google to find […]

Do Presidential Debates Really Matter? Or Do Your Customers Really Know What They Want?

After watching the presidential debate last night, while watching one of the commentators discuss post debate polling and if it really matters, he mentioned that when you ask the people during election season whether they like or dislike negative ads, almost all say they hate them. Yet, after voting, when they are asked why they […]

Has Anyone Every Tested if Testing is Really The Best Way to Figure Out What Works?

Test, Test, Test… That’s all every marketer ever says and hears. Test Everything. The thing is, aside from the simple reality that most people don’t run true scientific tests, and most use the little data they gather as anecdotal evidence to support whatever position they are trying to back up. The Real Truth is that […]

What Your SEO Clients Really Want to Hear…

I’ve been doing SEO for around 7 years now and probably the single biggest disconnect between my clients and myself revolves around using Rankings versus Traffic/Conversions/Sales/Revenue as a metric to measure my success. Here’s the thing, When I look at a Search Query Report in Google Webmaster tools, Google Actually reports to me how many […]

Marketing Goldmine Discovered in 1950’s Self Help Book

I Just finished reading W. Clement Stone’s Book The Success System That Never Fails and I have never dog-eared more pages in a book in my entire life. Aside from an awesome line mentioned in between chapters of this 1950’s self-help book, stating, “one day we will land a man on the moon,” The book […]